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Wir sind Ihr Ansprechpartner, wenn es um originale Bauteile der weltweit größten Markenhersteller geht. Unser großes Lieferanten-Netzwerk ermöglicht uns einen schnellen Zugriff auf große Lagerbestände, auch von abgekündigten Bauteilen. Auf dieser Seite bekommen Sie nur einen kleinen Überblick unseres Markenportfolios.

Samsung extended from the appliance to the computer, communications and other aspects, has become the world's leading semiconductor manufacturers. Its semiconductor products are DRAM, SRAM, flash memory, ASIC, CPU, and TFF-LCD panels....

Manufacturer of analog switches, capacitors, diodes, inductors, integrated modules, power ICs, LEDs, power MOSFETs, resistors and thermistors....

The famous high-capacity gate array circuit manufacturers, operators have for communications products EPM, EP1K, EPF Series....

AMD is a computer and communications with the IC supplier, produces innovative microprocessors, Flash memory, programmable logic devices and other communications and networking applications. Is now the world's second largest software compatible with Microsoft Windows PC processor supplier.

The famous high-capacity gate array circuit manufacturers, operators have for communications products EPM, EP1K, EPF Series....

Texas Instruments (TI) design and production of analog devices, digital signal processing (DSP) and microcontroller (MCU) semiconductor chip. TI is the analog devices and digital solutions for applications processing and embedded semiconductor solutions for leading semiconductor suppliers.

Philips Semiconductors is the production of semiconductor devices for more than 40 years of history, currently in the consumer electronics, communications, PC / PC peripherals, automotive electronics, GM products: discrete components, identification cards, CMOS logic devices are in a leading position....

May 1, 1999, Siemens semiconductor company officially changed its name to Infineon, is headquartered in Germany, Munich. Mainly produces automotive and industrial electronic chips, confidentiality and IC card application IC, communication multimedia chips, memory, parts, etc.

Lattice is the source for innovative FPGA, PLD, programmable Power Management and Clock Management solutions. We design and develop programmable logic products, which allow the end customer to determine functionality. We continue to expand our Asia presence to reduce costs and better align with our customers.

Intersil (Intersil) Company was established in August 1999, is a subsidiary of Harris Corporation. Intersil's full use of it from Harris, GE Solid State and RCA inherited intellectual resources to play its analog, mixed-signal, power and anti-radiation technology advantages, high-speed development of communications.

ON Semiconductor With its global logistics network and strong product line, the power supply, automotive, communication, computer, consumer, medical, industrial, mobile and military / aerospace customers in markets such as energy-efficient power solutions of choice suppliers.

ADI is widely recognized industry data conversion and signal conditioning technology world's leading suppliers, its products are widely used in analog and digital signal processing applications. In today's cars, digital cameras, LCD and plasma TVs, cellular phones, medical imaging equipment and factory automation equipment.

Conexant is a fabless semiconductor company, is the image, audio, embedded modem, a leading provider of solutions.

AppliedMicro is a global leader in Energy Conscious Computing and Communications solutions for Datacenter, Telecom, Enterprise and Consumer Applications. AppliedMicro's communications, storage and embedded hardware and software solutions are sold to leading equipment manufacturers addressing global wide area networks (WAN)

The world's leading supplier of high performance semiconductor products, including power sales market, interface devices, analog, mixed-signal, logic devices, optoelectronic components and other products.

Atmel Corporation is a global market leader specializing in the design, development, manufacture, and sale of a range of integrated circuits (IC) products. Its products include microcontrollers, mixed-signal, and radio frequency components in the United States, Asia, and Europe